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The Roma Diplomacy project, run through cooperation between DiploFoundation and Roma organisations, aims to: 
  •  to create a strong group of Roma “public diplomats” with the ability to bridge the gap between the Roma civil society and governments/EU institutions;
  • to create and build on existing Roma rights networks, so that activists can use diplomatic channels for fast appropriate response to challenges facing Roma; 
  • to facilitate the sharing of research and experience of Roma and human rights activists with a focus on diplomacy, through ICT tools and a collaborative online platform; 
  • to build practical capacity among Roma rights activists through participation in conferences and internships in EU institutions, international organisations and non-governmental organisations; 
  • to form the basis of a Roma “think tank” which can inform and steer the process of Roma social inclusion in a united Europe; 
  • to build awareness of Roma rights issues on the local, national and international level through academic dialogue, research and the dissemination of information. 

The project includes: 

  • a capacity building educational programme including skills training and academic study of diplomacy and human rights advocacy related topics; 
  • individual and collaborative research projects on topics related to Roma rights and diplomacy; 
  • an online knowledge sharing platform for Roma rights activists; 
  • conference scholarships, visits and internships in EU institutions, international organisations and non-governmental organisations for programme participants; 
  • conferences with leadings experts in the field and a publication on Roma rights and diplomacy with the aim of awareness building.  
Project News

The report from the 2005 - 2006 programme is available online in PDF format.
A Radio-Praha interview with Gabriela Hrabanova, Roma Diplomacy programme participant
An article by Valeriu Nicolae, Roma Diplomacy Programme Coordinator, published in Eurozine.

The National Roma Centre is a new organisation formed by Roma Diplomacy participant Asmet Elezovski and his colleages in Macedonia.

Vision of the organisation – The National Roma Centre is a non-governmental organisation which collaborates with relevant subjects and works for active participation and integration of the Roma, basing it on the principles of the modern multiethnic European community.

Mission of the organisation – The National Roma Centre works as a voice of the Roma and it will strive for protection of the rights of every citizen and to the development of the communication network.

The aim of NRC is solving of local, national and international difficulties and barriers in the Roma problems.

Following the visit of Roma Diplomacy programme participants to Geneva, Prof. Andre Liebich has published an article in Le Temps focussing on the aims of the Roma Diplomacy programme.

DiploFoundation and the Graduate Institute of International Studies are pleased to invite Geneva-based international organisation staff, NGO staff, academics and others concerned with human rights and related issues to take part in the Roma Diplomacy Seminar (April 26 - 27, 2006, Graduate Institute of International Studies, 132 rue de Lausanne, Geneva).

World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz dined with seven young Roma leaders on February 27, 2006, to get their views on efforts to empower the Roma, who are Europe's largest and poorest minority. The group included several particpants from the Roma Diplomacy programme: Gabriela Hrabanova, Erika Adamova, Beata Olahova and Gyula Vamosi.

Recommendations from the Brussels Conference on Roma Diplomacy are now available, after extensive discussion and drafting by Roma Diplomacy programme participants. The accompanying letter is available at To add your signature to the Recommendations, please e-mail

Advisory Board Chair Prof. Andre Liebich has published an article on the Roma Diplomacy programme in the newsletter of the Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva (see page 26).

An article by Valeriu Nicolae, Roma Diplomacy Programme Coordinator, published in EUMAP.

August 1, 2005 - New Appointment: Marian Daragiu

One of the Romanian Roma Diplomacy participants, Mr. Marian Daragiu, has recently been appointed Cabinet Director of Mariea Ionescu, President of the Roma National Agency in Romania.

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