An Introduction to Internet Governance (4th ed.)  

The book An Introduction to Internet Governance (4th ed.) (2010), by Jovan Kurbalija, proposes a practical framework for the analysis, discussion, and resolution of key problems in the field. An additional resource is the IG Book blog, the publication's online companion, which contains articles on topical IG issues, and links to the download sections. Contact us for a copy of the book, or download the 4th edition and translated editions of the booklet here

[NEW] The translated version of the book in Serbian/BCS is now available. Read more:

The Book of Abstracts

The Book of Abstracts presents the research work of some of the best participants of the 2010/2011 educational and research programme. The authors of the featured research papers are practitioners representing various stakeholders. Their professional and cultural backgrounds have a broad reach. Their work thus reflects their policy work experience combined with accumulated knowledge, introducing a fresh breeze of thought into the already well-mapped thematic field of IG. Visit the publication's homepage,, for more info, and downloads.

Emerging Leaders for the Digital World

Emerging Leaders for the Digital World features the experiences of some of the most active emerging leaders in Internet governance and ICT policy. The leaders, identified and empowered by Diplo’s ACP programme, have played a remarkable role in furthering regional training and education, and in driving debates, better understanding, and more support, on the meaningful use of ICTs and the Internet. Visit the publication's homepage,, for more info and downloads.

The Internet governance DVD

The Internet governance DVD (2010) is a multimedia tool that explores issues surrounding Internet governance. It may be used for training, research, and general awareness-building. In 2010, a reproduction of the DVD with a video on Internet governance was produced for awareness building for high-level officials as a 'short-and-sweet' introduction to IG. It has been delivered as a background material in training workshops, and has been shared with project partners for further dissemination in their region. View the IG DVD here

Net Neutrality resource page

The Net Neutrality resource page is dedicated to online resources on Net Neutrality and Open Internet. The resource page includes links and descriptions to discussion papers, declarations, reports from conferences and workshops, reports on events, videos and illustrations, and other documents. Among the resources is Diplo's Net Neutrality video, which was created by Diplo’s multimedia team to visually explain the controversial issue of Net Neutrality. It plays on an analogy of a roadway system and the competing nature of road users. 

Comic book on Child Safety 

The Child Safety Comic Book (2010) was created and printed in both English and French last year. It highlights the complexity of governance, regulations, and actors over the issue of Child Safety and the use of the Internet, presented from a user-centred perspective. The comic can be viewed here.


IGF: Identifying the Impact

The results of the pilot project on the impact of the Internet Governance Forum have been published in a publication entitled IGF: Identifying the Impact (2009), which was launched in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, on November 14, 2009, on the occasion of the fourth IGF meeting. The document gathers the results of an online survey which saw the participation of over 200 participants from seven world regions and 81 countries, followed by an in-depth analysis of the inputs. The results show the levels of impact the participants perceived on global, national and local levels on a selection of IGF topics. One of the findings was that the IGF established a strong link between global policy and local initiatives, which is missing in many multilateral processes. For more information, and to download a copy, visit To contact the project team, e-mail


Capacity Development

How the Internet Governance Forum empowered people from developing countries.
Capacity Development (PDF - 8MB)


Emerging Leaders for the Digital World

In 2007, Diplo interviewed some of the community members who were part of the Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme. 
Click here to download the complete Emerging Leaders for the Digital world eBook in PDF format.


IS Library

The IS Library is a  publication of a series of non-technical booklets intended to provide information and guidelines on key cyberspace and Internet-related issues.


Diplo Images

Diplo Images are a collection of visual aids that we have developed to help explain complex issues related to Internet Governance. We have found that there is a demand for these tools, which are useful in initiating discussion. These images are freely available for non-commercial use with due acknowledgment to DiploFoundation.

2004 DiploFoundation Calendar Images


IG Directory

This directory is an inventory of available resources on Internet Governance and serves as a basis to co-ordinate efforts in capacity building. Most of the information contained in the directory has been gathered from web-based research.


YouTube Channel

Internet Governance and Policy related videos and the IG DVD can be watched directly on DiploFoundation's YouTube Channel.