Climate Change and Diplomacy

Climate Change Building - Version 2.0 (January 2010)

Climate Building Illustration

This is how DiploFoundation illustrates the complexity of climate change.
A first version (Version 1.0) of the illustration was released at the time of the Copenhagen Summit in 2009. Many people commented on the illustration and made suggestions. This effort has resulted in an updated version (Compare versions 1.0 and 2.0).
The Climate Change Building is a work-in-progress. Please comment on the illustration via e-mail or through our CC Building discussion forum.

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Please feel free to use this illustration for your own awareness building and training activities. You can also download a print-quality version (16 Mb) for use in publications. We would appreciate it if you inform us about your use of the illustration by e-mail at

Climate Building Illustration in multiple languages

Diplo aims at increasing outreach, awareness raising and education on climate change. By offering this illustration in multiple languages, we hope to reach more people around the world. If you are working in the area of climate change or related fields and are interested in translating this illustration, please feel free to contact us at

Climate Change Building - Mongolian

Climate Change Building - Indonesian

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The very first translated illustration, created in 2010, is in Mongolian. Thanks to Tsengel Nergui, Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism, Mongolia.

Amanda Katili-Niode from the Climate Project Indonesia provided this translation into Indonesian (Bahasa)

Climate Change
        Building - Chinese Simplified

Climate Change
      Building - Chinese Traditional

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Translation into Simplified Chinese (简体中文) provided by Ding Yaoqing, Shangri-la Institute for Sustainable Communities, China

Translation into Traditional Chinese (繁体中文) provided by Ding Yaoqing, Shangri-la Institute for Sustainable Communities, China

Climate Change Diplomacy

Online Course on Climate Change Diplomacy provides an introduction to climate change policy and governance. The course underlying themes are graphically summarised in the Building-illustration. They include scientific, economic, social, legal, ethical and developmental aspects of climate change. This online course is normally offered two times per year, with a limited number of scholarships provided by the government of Malta for participants from small island and developing states. For more information about the course please visit the course page.

Capacity Development for Climate Change Governance and Diplomacy Programme aims to help small and developing states to participate meaningfully in climate change negotiations on global and regional levels. The programme includes online training, policy research and policy immersion.


Climate Change Community Space gathers Diplo alumni and others interested in informally sharing knowledge and discussing climate change governance and diplomacy. Please visit the Community.

By tweeting about climate change we engage with a worldwide audience to further dialogue at the nexus between climate change, small and developing states, and diplomacy. Please follow us here.

Other Diplo activities on Climate Change Diplomacy:

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