Diplo's new publication: the Book of Abstracts
Diplo's new publication, the Book of Abstracts, presents the research work of some of the best participants of the 2010/2011 educational and research programme. The publication was launched during the 6th IGF in Nairobi, on 27-30 September 2011.

The authors of the featured research papers are practitioners representing various stakeholders. Their professional and cultural backgrounds have a broad reach. Their work thus reflects their policy work experience combined with accumulated knowledge, introducing a fresh breeze of thought into the already well-mapped thematic field of IG. 

The participation and the work of the authors from ACP countries (marked with * in the text) has been financed by the EU @CP-ICT Programme, 9th European Development Fund (EDF), in partnership with the Secretariat of the ACP Group of States. 

Read the online Book of Abstracts here. Alternatively, you can download the full-text of the Book of Abstracts here.

Full-text Policy Research Papers

The full-text papers of many of the published abstracts are available by clicking on the individual links below.