This online library makes available many of the dissertations written by Diplo/University of Malta students enrolled in the Master in Contemporary Diplomacy programme since 2006. Please note that some items are available to Diplo alumni members only. Alumni members may log in using their online classroom username to access these. Click here if you have forgotten your username or password.
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Mary MurphyThe impact of the Internet on diplomatic reporting: how diplomacy training needs to be adjusted to keep paceOver the last 20 years, the Internet has changed the ways in which we work, how we socialise and network, and how we interact with knowledge and information. In the world of diplomacy, the change has ... more2013full text
Rachid MtouguiPublic Diplomacy and Nation BrandIn a time where interaction with citizens is the key to diplomatic success, Morocco still lags behind other small states and does not yet pursue efficient strategies of public diplomacy and nation bra ... more2012full text
Ahamefule EluwaThe Role of Diplomacy in the Challenges to Maritime Security Cooperation in the Gulf of Guinea: Case Study of NigeriaThere is presently a pervading feeling that the West and Central African states are long overdue to take control of their maritime environment. However, these expectations show no indication of materi ... more2012full text
Wadzanai NhongoThe Role of Regional Cooperation in Eradicating Poverty and Aid Dependency in East Africa The hypothesis of this thesis is that regional cooperation and integration are effective tools in alleviating poverty within nations and reducing their dependency on foreign or development aid. This r ... more2012full text
Momodu WurieGovernance and Conflict in the Mano River Union States: Sierra Leone a Case StudyThe MRU states (Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone) experienced more than two decades of bitter conflicts. With the exception of Guinea which was spared a full-scale civil war, the other ... more2012full text