Dialogue on Nation Branding in China

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Name: Jing Xu
Profession: Associate Professor at the School of Journalism and Communication, Beijing University
Location: Beijing, China


Jing Xu first discovered DiploFoundation through the Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme (IGCBP), which she attended in 2010. The programme guided her to start research on the Internet and to attend several international academic conferences. Through taking part in the IGCBP, Jing learned more about Diplo. She says: 'What really attracted me were the courses on diplomacy because my background is in International Politics and I am still interested in diplomacy.' Due to her particular interest in nation branding, in February 2011 she registered to attend Diplo’s online course on Public Diplomacy. 'The course was so exciting because most of my classmates were related to diplomacy in some way, and we learned and discussed topics from a global perspective. Ambassador Kishan skilfully directed the discussion, using key words to present a clear path and ensure each participant reached his or her goals for study.'

Although the success of this forum was due to many people and parties, I appreciate Diplo most of all. Without Diplo’s public diplomacy course, how would I have got the idea for this forum?

Due to her lack of background in diplomacy, Jing had to work hard during the course, but she persevered and passed the final exam. She says, 'actually what I got from this course is much more than the grade. During the course, I focused on nation branding and got more information from the recommended materials. After that, I shared with my deputy dean, my colleagues and some of my students what I have learned from the course.'

Following the course, Jing and her colleagues organised a half-day forum at Beijing University, on 25 May 2011, under the title 'Nation Branding: A New Attempt for China's Public Diplomacy and National Image Construction'. The keynote speech was delivered by Mr Zhao Qizheng, former Director of China State Council Information Office. Mr Xu Luode, Director of China Union Pay, also made a speech to explain the relationship between company brands and Brand China. Then, with the moderation of Mr Kang Hui, a famous anchor from China Central Television Station, a panel consisting of Jing, Diplo faculty member Ambassador Kishan, and representatives of the Chinese government, mainstream media and a big PR company discussed nation branding, public diplomacy and national image building. Jing reports that the forum was a big success. It was attended by around 250 people and received much attention in the Chinese mainstream media.

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