Train the Trainers Online Course

An online training programme for ICT policy and IG trainers ensured a continuation of the capacity development among ACP sub-regional and regional institutions.

In 2010, 15 of the most successful participants from ACP countries were selected from the ICT policy and IG online course. They were invited to take part in the Train the Trainers online course, which was held in June-July, 2010.

On 10 June, the Train the Trainers faculty lounge welcomed the participants who went through the theory of online course tutoring, including tutor-participant interaction and online communication. The course also dealt with the practical side of tutoring online courses, and included hands-on activities.

The second phase of the online Train the Trainers course took place in December 2010 and gathered the 15 participants from the first phase. This additional online course was introduced due to the necessity of teaching the practical components of online tutoring, so that theory is applied in a uniform manner; the need to assure that evaluation techniques are understood and implemented in an objective, but motivating and supportive manner; and the recognition that online tutoring is complex and of the need to communicate in a dynamic way without relying on 'in person' contact so that participants do not feel isolated.

Five of the newly certified online tutors were then asked to lead the groups during the online course on ICT policy and strategic planning in mid-2011. Supervised by senior Diplo tutors, they proved their excellence and ability to enhance the interactivity and knowledge-sharing in a solely online environment. Being from the ACP region themselves, with solid knowledge and experience with IG and ICT policy, they were also able to strengthen the regional dimension with emphasis on regional challenges and developments, which added value to the learning process.