Botswana Information Technology Society

BITS  is  a  non-profit,  voluntary  organisation,  working  to  assist  individuals  and organisations  to  benefit from current  ICT developments  and advancements.  Our focus is  to undertake  activities that  contribute  to increasing  the  beneficial  uptake  of  ICT  and  improving  the effectiveness  of  the  ICT  sector.  It  is against  this backdrop  that BITS  works in capacity building for ICT professionals.  BITS represents the various ICT stakeholders in the government, industry and academic sectors (public and private) in Botswana.

Its  constitutional  framework  enables  its  members  to  come  from  different backgrounds  and  brings  together  a  variety  of  skills  and  experiences,  spanning  from technical, application,  and management  knowledge  of  ICT. What  the members  have  in  common  is their  interest  in  IT application and deployment  in Botswana,  in maintaining high standards of practice in the IT profession and in contributing to maximising returns on IT investments in the country. 

The  Botswana  Information  Technology  Society  (BITS)  is  emerging  as  the  voice  of  the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry, and continually seeks to provide better value for members as well as the nation at  large with regards to  ICT awareness and uptake,  liaising with both government and industry leaders, as well as being more involved in advocacy.